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Help your NYE go out with a Bang! Help your NYE go out with a Bang!

Dec 27, 2017

Help your NYE go out with a Bang!

Swap a Firework Fountain for a Sherbet Fountain this NYE!

Before we show you the perfect concepts for your New Year’s party, we thought we’d reflect on 2017 so far.

There have been some big changes for JetChill this year: we’ve added 2 new product lines (JetChill Single and Mini) adding versatility to our offering and opening up the home market. We’ve also expanded the number of accessories through our partnership with Vapour Mixology, adding Cocktail Ingredients and special concepts to complement our machines. We also recently announced our status as official UK distributor for Ripples Coffee Printer, an incredibly innovative new product for the beverage market — but enough about us, onto the concepts!

One of the biggest complaints for consumers when drinking on NYE is the time taken to be served. With this in mind we’ve come up with some great concepts that can be batched and served quickly to make your bartender’s life easier!


 One of the most popular of our articles this year was about the Absinthe Tower sharer. This is a table centre-piece designed to be shared between 2–6 people depending on the model. All the taps are generally independently operated and so gives the operator a lot of flexibility in terms of number of people served. When coupled with our smoking Cocktail Glasses, as soon as one table orders one, your customers will be fighting to buy one themselves before the big countdown!


 Another popular sharer is our Growler, allowing you to serve chilled and carbonated sharing cocktails. All you need to do is add the ingredients (which can be pre-batched), add a few pucks of dry ice powder from your JetChill machine and shake to both carbonate and chill. Growlers can be quick and easy to make for groups of people of 2–8 people so can be a very useful tool for reducing load on the bar at peak times and improve overall speed of service.


We recommend you have a quick look through some of our previous articles for some tricks and ideas of some of our more theatrical concepts but here’s a quick flavour in any case:

Our colour-changing cocktails created a real stir (pun intended) and are easy for the novice bartender to execute.

Our Edible Vapour Bubble is the ideal showstopper to bring a busy bar to a standstill in amazement!

Creative use of glassware can also help create some amazing effects. Using this borosilicate serving glass and a few of our Smoking Shots we created a colourful retro spectacle worthy of any high-end bar.

However you choose to celebrate your New Year’s — we hope you celebrate well and have a happy and prosperous 2018! Best wishes from all of us at JetChill.


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