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Winter Warmers — Ultimate Mulled Wine Recipe Winter Warmers — Ultimate Mulled Wine Recipe

Dec 6, 2017

Winter Warmers — Ultimate Mulled Wine Recipe

'Tis the season for hot drinks a-plenty, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year! Though what if you want all the flavours of a delicious Mulled Wine but don't like your booze hot (especially not if you’re already roasting by the fire)!?

We thought we'd have a go at upgrading the traditional Mulled Wine recipe with a little icy twist of our own!

Recipe for Mulled Wine

  • 700ml Red Wine
  • 50ml Vanilla Spiced Rum
  • 50ml Chambord
  • 100ml William Fox Cinnamon
  • Orange Slices
  • Cardamon
  • Star Anise

Method (as imagery below): Heat all the above in a saucepan until flavours are all blended. Be careful not to simmer or boil. Serve in JetChill S’Hot Glasses!

Add all your red wine to the pan and start to gently bring up to temperature.

Add 50ml each of Spiced Rum (we use Old J Spiced) and 50ml of Chambord. These will not only give your Mulled Wine a bit of an extra kick but will also add some more festive flavours in the style of a Christmas Pudding (fruity and a little spice).

Add your syrup last and you’re ready to add the fruity element!

You don’t have to stud your orange slices with cloves and star anise but if you happen to be writing a blog post and want to make it look pretty, it always helps!

At this point your wine should be warming gently. Be careful not to go any higher than 70*c as you’ll start approaching a boil and may start to lose all your alcoholic content. Stir gently for 5–10mins and get ready to serve.

Our first serve used a nice hammered Copper Mug which adds a vintage and festive feel alongside Pingu the Penguin.

For the real ‘wow-factor’ though we went all out with a smoking shot serve, perfect for large parties where a big mug of booze might be too much. The dry ice also chilled down the liquid to a more reasonable temperature (around 12*c). Not only that, the vapours carried lots of lovely Christmas-y smells across the room — why not try this at home?

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