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Casino Case Studies 

 Raul's Recipe

The Wynn Casino, Las Vegas, USA

Pauly Freedman:

“Vegas is the party capital of the world, so if you are opening a new venue you need to stand out and JetChill definitely makes you stand out! We purchased four JetChill Machines for our new club Intrigue. We mainly use them in our VIP area where hostesses serve smoking shots from our customised LED trays. We also use the JetChill dry ice to serve our signature group serve cocktail the ‘Up All Night’. If Vegas was a drink it would be the smoking drink, mayhem in a glass.”


Genting Rouge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Charles Muaya:

“As a bartender/mixologist with more than 10 years experience in the industry I have never seen anything like JetChill before! It’s a great tool for flair bartending and I use it to experiment and create all types of innovative concoctions. It’s not just about the visual effect of the smoke. The dry ice reaction will also mix the drink, chill it and release the aroma’s of the drink in the smoke. It appeals to all the senses. I have also used the dry ice powder the machine creates to create ice cream cocktails and carbonate cocktails. This Machine is a must for any aspiring bartender or mixologist.”


Your signature cocktail


With aromatic effects


Theatrical mixology

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