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Whether you’re a bartender, mixologist or cocktail hobbyist, you will be looking for somewhere to store and display your cocktail smoking gun and accessories. Display and serve cocktails in style with a LED glass cloche. Keep your aroma flavours, tanks and edible bubble mixture bottles neat, clean and organised using our Bubble X, Aroma & Tank holder tray or safely transport your kit in our events flight case.


JetChill - Drinkware - Cocktail (175ml)

JetChill - Drinkware - Cocktail (175ml)

JetChill - Drinkware - Shot (50ml)

JetChill - Drinkware - Shot (50ml)



It’s important for your cocktail equipment to be of the highest quality and be able withstand consistent use while you create, smoke and infuse cocktails. Our glass cloche sits on a handmade oak base and our events flight case is made specifically to endure international travel with 6.55mm laminates and shock absorbing foam. When you’re not mixing infusing cocktails, display and organise your Flavour Blaster ingredients in our tray. Designed to neaten up your bar or work surface the tray holds two bubble mixtures, up to ten aromas and five tanks.

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