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London Coffee Festival – Come Join Us London Coffee Festival – Come Join Us

Mar 25, 2018

London Coffee Festival – Come Join Us

 The London Coffee Festival is the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event, a celebration of London’s vibrant coffee culture featuring gourmet coffee, speciality tea, artisan food, demonstrations from world-class baristas, live music and a comprehensive ‘lab’ seminar programme that will educate even the keenest of coffee lovers.

Come visit us on Innovation Stand Z03 on the top floor, where will we be demonstrating the Ripple Machine. In addition to printing on coffee we will also be showcasing to Operators how to print on nitro cold brew coffee and edible icing/wafer paper. The edible icing/wafer paper adds a new dimension to the Machine meaning you can now include the prints with desserts, such as cake and ice cream.

We will be exhibiting alongside Hatfields London ( Hatfields innovative hand held dispenser, called the Nitro Press, allows Operators to experiment with small batch nitro cold brew coffee. Nitro cold brew coffee pours like a pint of Guinness with a cascading effect and tastes creamy and sweet. It also gives the perfect head for printing Ripples on.


Industry Days

There will be two industry days held on 12 April and 13 April from 10am- 5pm.

Public Days

Friday 13 April
The event will  launch to the public from 4:00pm with the session running from 4pm-8pm and then an Espresso Martini Launch Party from 8pm-10pm (please note some festival zones will be closed during the launch party).
Saturday 14 April and Sunday 15 April
Three sessions will be held per day over the weekend:

Brunch session

Lunch session
Teatime session

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